Intermediate Band



The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop basic performance skills

on a selected instrument in a solo or small ensemble setting using varied band literature.



Pre-Requisite: 1 year or equivalent of Beginning Band/Band 1

This year-long, intermediate level class, designed for students having 1-2 years of

previous band experience with woodwind, brass, and/or percussion instruments,

promotes the enjoyment and appreciation of music through performance of high-quality,

beginning wind and percussion literature from different times and places. Rehearsals

focus on the development of critical listening/aural skills; continuation of instrumental

techniques and skills, music literacy, and ensemble skills; and aesthetic musical awareness

culminating in periodic public performances.


Foundations for Superior Performance (Blue Book), pencil, notebook, instrument, tuner, metronome.

A folder will be provided and concert music.

The following will be needed in addition to the instrument and book.

Flute - Flute cleaning kit.

Clarinet - Vandoran 3 Reeds (box of 10), Cleaning Kit with cork grease.

Bass Clarinet – Vandoran 3 Reeds (box of 5), Cleaning Kit with cork grease.

Saxophone - Vandoran 3 Reeds (box of 10), Cleaning Kit with cork grease.

Tenor Saxophone- Vandoran 3 Reeds (box of 5), Cleaning Kit with cork grease.

Baritone Saxophone – Vandoran 3 Reeds (box of 5), Cleaning Kits with cork grease.

Trumpet - Valve Oil Any brand, Cleaning Kit with slide grease.

Horn - Rotor Oil, this is different from valve oil, Cleaning Kit with slide grease.

Trombone - Slide Oil, empty spray bottle that can be refilled with water, Slide grease, Cleaning Kit.

Tuba - Valve Oil (if valves), Rotor Oil (if rotors), Cleaning Kit with Slide grease.,

Percussion- See Percussion Class


Students will be given the opportunity to purchase these items throughout the year. as separate items.

Generally: 3.00 per reed for Clarinet, Saxophone, 5.00 for a bottle of valve/rotor oil. 2.00 for cork

grease or valve grease.


Mr. Milner will provide other supplementary materials for learning on an as needed basis.


Money should never be an issue of student participation in band class or not. If there is an issue of

affordability or individuals would like to donate to help students who have financial issues,

please contact Mr. Milner. The music department does regular fundraising activities to help offset

some of the expenses of running a music program. However, if a student has an instrument

provided by the school, they are highly encouraged to participate in fundraising activities to

help pay for repairs, supplies and supplementary materials that are purchased from the band

account, which exists solely from fundraising/donation activities, to fix instruments, purchase reeds,

valve oil, neck straps, cleaning supplies, music, shirts, pay for trips, parts for instruments

(mouthpieces, ligatures), food or anything else that the music director deems necessary for the



If an instrument is provided by Cadence and parents/guardians sign a contract with Cadence

making regular monthly payments , THAT IS NOT A SCHOOL INSTRUMENT,

and it is a rent to own instrument which the student keeps at the end of the year.

The repairs are sometimes baked into the monthly payment.

The instrument representative will be able to answer these questions.



50%  Individual                             

-          35% Ranks and Class Work (Individual Playing/Written Work)

-          15% Practice Log

50%  Ensemble

-          35% Performances (3 or more Performances for Year)

-          15% Participation in Daily Classes/General Attitude    

Extra credit(worth 15%):

      -Performances in groups outside of Gulf Middle School

          -Attend other performances at Gulf performance and/or one off-campus

            performance (concert program from the event is required)

          - private lessons (report from teacher required)



Band is a place where students learn music, self-discipline, work ethic, teamwork and have fun.

The teacher/director understands that there might be days where a student may not be feeling great,

or they just had a difficult day, but it is not the norm. The teacher will judge the situation on a

case-by-case basis.


The rules are as follows:

Respect is a two-way door. The best way to earn respect is to give it first.

When the teacher is working,students are expected to be quiet, respectful and pay attention

to what is being taught.

When the teacher gives a cut off to stop playing, all students are expected to stop playing and

listen to instructions/teaching moments that follow the stop. Students can ask questions after

stopping regarding music only

Unprepared for Class (Forgot Instrument or Book at home after the grace period)

All school wide rules and policies set forth in the school handbook.

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